しょうぶ学園は1973年に開設。利用者の感性溢れる創作の姿勢に魅せられ、1985年から活動そのものを「工房しょうぶ」とし、 下請け作業を廃し木工・陶芸・染め・織り・刺繍・和紙・園芸・パン工房などの工芸を中心にした利用者の個性を発揮できる環境づくりに転換しました。 以来“地域に根差した個性あふれる福祉文化の創造”をコンセプトに施設活動が「与えられる」側から「創り出す」側になることを目標にしています。

Life that Creates

Living is making: A shift from receiving to creating

Shobu Gakuen launched in 1985. Since 1985, Shobu Gakuen’s activities themselves have been centered on Kobo Shobu (Shobu workshop). Doing away with programs that provided work subcontracted from other sources, we created an environment in which our clients express themselves through woodworking, ceramics, dyeing, weaving, embroidery, paper-making, gardening, baking bread, and other crafts. We have made it our goal to shift from receiving, being given things, to creating, bringing into being a distinctive culture of social welfare rooted in the local community.